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The North West Region (Donegal, Leitrim & Sligo) is twinned with KENYA and UGANDA and together they have formed a close spiritual connection offering friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP in Kenya & Uganda and supported by the North West Region have the primary goal of alleviating poverty and aiding people to become self- sufficient.



Joel is a secondary school student who lives with his grandmother who has no income. Joel gets some work to help out, however there is no extra money for school fees.

With the support of the North West region, the local SVP Conference funded Joel to attend secondary school.
Attending school has meant a lot to Joel and he is performing well.

He hopes that when he achieves his dreams he will work with the SVP to assist those most in need.









For a number of years SVP North-West has been funding a prison visitation programme in Nairobi.This SVP Conference supports the HIV-positive prisoners, many of whom suffer from TB as a consequence of HIV.

The SVP provides food hampers to the prison containing mainly fruit and milk. In a letter of appreciation the prisoners felt that due to additional nutrition their wellbeing has improved.



Educational support for students in Uganda started in 1996, initially with third level students and soon after this support to students in second level was included. At Precious College School, Kireka,Wakiso district, Kampala Town, each year a number of students are assisted with tuition fees and in addition to this they receive one meal a day which for many is the only meal they may receive.

Over the years these programmes have been so successful that Sarah a graduate has gone on to become a Member in Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.



The farm which initially started out with 15 acres of eucalyptus trees has now been extended to include an additional 12.5 acres of trees and other farm activities such as pig rearing.

With the continued financial support of the SVP members in the North West Region and the work of the local SVP members in Uganda the farm continues to flourish and increase its contribution of funds to the local Conferences which aids them with their visitation work.

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