• 23 March 2021

    EUROSPAR Supermarkets support St Vincent de Paul (SVP) this Easter

    EUROSPAR Supermarkets are supporting the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Empty Basket Easter Appeal this year, which is aimed at ensuring those most in need this Easter season don’t do without.  

  • 23 April 2020

    Vincentian Journey

    In that world of a mere few months ago, the pre-Covid-19 World, all was so safe, so certain and so secure. Now however we are anything but safe, the world of any certainty is a million miles away ...

  • 21 April 2020

    Stories from SVP Making a Difference

    In response to Covid-19 we at the Drop-In Centre had to make changes to ensure we could continue to offer a much needed service as safely as possible. Upwards of 139 individuals have presented for help daily since the Covid-19 restrictions were announced nationally. Thanks to a kind benefactor...