Be a Christmas Angel with SVP

“Winter is horrible here. I dread it. It’s an old house and it doesn’t hold the heat at all. Last winter, some nights were so cold we pulled a mattress in front of the fire and all slept there together. 
I work hard to provide for my two girls. But between increasing rent, all the monthly bills, and expensive medication for my older daughter’s worsening asthma...
I contacted SVP out of desperation. I was really struggling but the volunteers were so kind. They gave me a fill of oil so I could warm the house for the winter. This one gift took off so much pressure. I was able to get a few nice presents for the girls for a change, and we had enough for the dinner.
You might think it’s silly to feel embarrassed… but I do. I never thought I’d have to depend on someone else’s money. I can’t begin to express what the help meant to me. I owe SVP supporters such a debt of gratitude.
They were like Christmas Angels to us.”
Aisling, mother of two

This year SVP are calling on all companies to be a Christmas Angel and make a donation to our Annual Appeal.
We love to receive donations of food and toys, but sometimes we need the flexibility to help families like Aisling’s.
If your employees are taking part in the Food Appeal or Giving Tree, your company could use this as an opportunity to match their efforts.  

To show our gratitude to those companies who donate, we will display their logo on our special ‘Christmas Angels’ webpage. 
We will also provide the company with a special email footer that their employees can use over the Christmas period, and a certificate to proudly display on the staff noticeboard. 
To find out more about these, just email us at
Like a Christmas Angel, your gift of hope could bring little miracles to those who need it most this winter.
Thank you so much for your support – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you!