Making education more affordable for parents

SVP has lobbied hard to get school costs down for hard pressed parents. 

We had great public support for our 2012 campaign to cut the cost of school books for parents by developing more book rental schemes.  The support from the public meant we could present the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn TD with a petition which made it clear that school book costs are much too high and families want and need this to change.  The Minister listened to us and set about pushing those schools which have not yet set up book rental schemes to get involved. 

In 2013 the Department of Education and Skills published a handbook for schools with guidelines on how to set up book rental schemes. 

In January 2014 an additional €5 million was allocated to support the development of book rental schemes in primary schools that do not have them. 

We are also working with colleagues in Barnardos and the National Parents Council to tackle the cost of school uniforms.  As a result of our efforts every school has been asked by Minister Quinn to conduct a survey of parents to find out their views on their school’s uniform policy. 

SVP will continue to push for the cost of education to be reduced for all.