Policy Areas

Tackling the root causes of poverty by influencing Irish social policy.

SVP fighting for social justice

The social injustices and difficulties experienced by individuals and families in Ireland are not inevitable.  They can be overcome through the implementation of well-designed social policy which aims to prevent poverty and inequality and ensures a level playing field for everyone in Irish society. As well as providing friendship and financial support to people in need, SVP works for real social change in the areas of income adequacy, health, education, housing and access to quality services to improve the lives of the people we assist.  SVP uses the experiences of our members working on the ground with people in need to identify the root causes of poverty and social exclusion and to develop solutions.

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Adequate Incomes

Policies regarding social welfare, income and tax

Affording Utilities

Policies regarding energy, water and waste

Access to Services

Policies regarding education, health, housing and homelessness, and local services

Poverty in Ireland

Policies regarding regarding debt, financial services & budgeting, child & family poverty, and research

Annual Budget and Government Strategies

Policy recommendations to Government

Influencing European Policy

Policies to tackle poverty in Ireland through European engagement