• Posted by Linda O'Connell  on 17 April 2020 | 0 comments
    What a Wonderful World
    Little did I know when I was finalising the Spring Bulletin that my editorial would be written in the middle of a global crisis. The central theme of this edition was to illustrate the fantastic support and help the Society received from the public during our Annual Appeal.
  • Posted by Tricia Keilthy  on 16 April 2020 | 0 comments
    The Next Programme for Government Must Tackle Poverty
    The next Programme for Government will be the most significant in modern history, and the choices that are made in the coming weeks, months and years need to be guided by the values that we have seen come to the fore during this crisis – compassion, solidarity and a concern for our most...
  • Posted by Kieran Stafford  on 14 April 2020 | 0 comments
    A Time for Action and Hope
    I have just participated in our special Mass for members, families and friends by watching it with my own family while isolated at home. It underlined the surreal new reality that we all have become accustomed to. At a time when we are isolated from each other, I felt that it was important for us...
  • Posted by Young SVP  on 25 February 2020 | 0 comments
    Survive on Five Challenge - John Warren
    Little did I know that this challenge would open my eyes to so much more about myself but more importantly about how someone on a low budget may feel on a daily basis.  
  • Posted by Young SVP  on 19 February 2020 | 0 comments
    Survive on Five Challenge - Niamh Mulholland's Diary
    I was off work on the first day of the Survive on 5 challenge and had managed to make it until lunch time without looking at my work phone, at which time I was surprised to see a lot of activity from my colleagues who had already begun to document their journey. 
  • Posted by Young SVP  on 19 February 2020 | 0 comments
    Survive on Five Challenge - Becca Gallagher's Diary
    Waking up Sunday morning I felt unprepared and hadn’t thought through my approach to the week. I started my morning as I often do with a fresh coffee, a vitamin c and some cold mineral water.  

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