I applied for a job but haven’t had a response yet. Who should I contact?

Everyone who applies to SVP automatically receives a confirmation email. It is also our policy to reply to every candidate to let them know exactly where they stand – even if they haven’t been successful – within two weeks of the job being filled.

How do I apply if I haven't got an email address?

We're sorry but because this is an online system you will need to have an email address so that we can get in touch with you about your application. There are lots of ways that you can do this and organisations that can help you. Most public libraries have internet access and you can register with a number of different email providers free of charge such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. In addition, your local employment office can also help you to get online and get yourself an email address.

What will happen after I have applied?

When you have completed an application you will receive an email within 48 hours to the email address that you have provided to us to confirm that we have received your application. On the basis of the details you supplied we will decide if we would like to invite you to the next stage in the process. If you're unsuccessful you'll receive an email to tell you as soon as possible.

What will you do with my details?

We understand that your information is valuable so rest assured that we will treat it in accordance with Data Protection laws. If your application is unsuccessful, your details will be destroyed within a reasonable period of time. If the application was speculative, or we think we may have another suitable position for you in the future, we may hold the information for further period of time, but we'll let you know that we're going to do just that and always give you the choice to opt out