Where your money goes

how your money is spentThe donations we received make a really big difference to those who need it most in communities throughout Ireland.


Our commitment to our supporters:

  • As an organisation we endeavour to keep administration costs at 10% of expenditure.
  • The National Management Council (Board) of St Vincent de Paul are volunteers and are not paid by the Society.
  • Donations that are given locally are spent locally.

The service we provide:

While visitation remains the core work of the Society, we also provide many other essential services throughout the country including;

  • The management of 970 social housing units
  • We provide 344 emergency beds per night available for the homeless
  • We operate 15 day care centres
  • We operate 220 Vincent's charity shops
  • And we also provide many breakfast, homework and revision clubs operating Nationwide.

This work of the Society is carried out by almost 11,000 volunteers and supported by around 716 full-time, part-time and seasonal staff.

The growing need:

  • Calls for assistance from people in need have increased by over 100% nationally in recent years.
  • The direct assistance provided to struggling families by the Society has increased from €24m in 2007 to €40.6m in 2014. We expect this number to remain at this level in 2017.

Without your support, much of what we do would be impossible:

  • We rely primarily on the generosity of the people of Ireland to carry out much of what we do.
  • Only a small percentage of our income is derived from the State (Government Departments & Local Authorities). This is mainly in relation to the management of hostels and resource centres. It is currently 14% of income but reducing year on year.

View our Annual Accounts here:

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. Our detailed audited Annual Accounts for the last 8 years can be viewed here.