Thank You

Thank you so much for your donation to help struggling families


Thank you so much for your donation to SVP


Today, the weight on a mother’s shoulders will lift because of you. 
As she opens the little envelope she’s been desperately hoping for, she looks up to the heavens and breathes a sigh of relief… 
Thanks to you, and your generous gift, some sorely-needed vouchers have arrived. Thank you with my whole heart for your generosity during this time of worry and misery for so many families. 
For 178 years, in times of crisis and great need kind-hearted SVP supporters like you have been here for people in poverty and distress. Last year SVP received the highest number of calls for help in its history. We can only keep answering them because of selfless donations like yours today.
You, and generations of SVP supporters before you, are all united by the spirit of goodwill and resilience in your heart.

Thank you again for your love and support,

Rose McGowan.jpg

Rose McGowan,
National President
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


If your donation was on behalf of a company and you would like to be recognised as a Heart of Your Community, then please click here

For any other queries in relation to your donation, please email or call the National Office on 01 884 8200.