Terenure Fundraiser (St. Joseph’s & St. Pius X)

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Due to Covid-19, our volunteers have been unable to raise funds through church gate collections since March 2020. This is our primary source of income for helping with requests in both parishes.

This year please continue to support our work in the community by donating to our annual appeal which has moved online at the link below. Thank you all for your ongoing and continued support.

Without your kind generosity, we would not be able to help our fellow parishioners on your behalf.

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Terenure Fundraiser (St. Joseph’s & St. Pius X)

Date: 31 December 2021

St. Joseph’s SVP Conference provides assistance for those in need in the parishes of St. Joseph’s, Terenure and St. Pius X, Templeogue. The financial support we provide includes assistance with medical expenses, utility bills, food vouchers and support for education. All money we receive through collections in distributed within the local community.