St Patrick's Conference Kilquade Annual Appeal Fundraiser

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The SVP Annual Appeal which takes place this time of the year is the major source of income for us to assist those in greatest need in our local area. The current Covid-19 crisis has greatly affected all parts of society throughout 2020 and 2021. Requests for our assistance have been ongoing, ranging from assistance with food, education, household bills and heating, with many new families coming to us, who would normally never have had the need to approach us before, were it not for these extraordinary times. Your generosity makes it possible for people to survive, to hope, to believe that someone out there is helping them to move forward. You may never know the relief and gratitude of a family when tears and despair are turned to hope and joy, when parents can smile again because there is fuel to heat their cold home, when a single parent realises they are no longer alone, when a girl or boy from a less fortunate family can look forward to a decent education and a future career. They may never have the opportunity to thank you personally, but we can attest to their relief and gratitude. Many of you regularly support our work and THANK YOU. Without this help, we simply would not be able to support our fellow Parishioners on your behalf. On behalf of all who will benefit from your generosity and from all of us within the conference, we wish you good health and all the blessings of Christmas.

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St Patrick's Conference Kilquade Annual Appeal Fundraiser

Date: 25 December 2021

Our local conference covers the area from Delgany to Kilcoole to Newcastle, and from Newtownmountkennedy to Roundwood. Providing that lifeline over this large area requires us to spend approximately €70,000 each year, money donated principally by you in your generosity. We know of many examples of individuals and families which have moved, with our help and support, and through your generosity, from a position of dire need to one of sustainability, self-confidence, and the ability to face the future. Those who receive our assistance then, in turn, spend most of it back within the shops and businesses of our area, helping in that way to support local jobs and employment.