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Once again we ask for your support for our Annual Christmas Collection.

Christmas is meant to be a time of togetherness and hope. But for many families, it will be filled with worry. Families face impossible choices as they struggle with the decision of topping up the electricity metre or having a Christmas dinner. Should they put presents under the tree, or oil in the tank?

Christmas is not the same for everyone, but with your help we can alleviate the struggle of families and help ensure everyone is safe and warm, and can enjoy a little bit of the magic that comes with this season.

Each year our conference make over 500 visits to families and people in need in our community and we have continued to do so right through the pandemic.

We rely entirely on the support of our generous parishioners and thank you in advance for your continued support for our Christmas Appeal.

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St Canice Limavady Appeal

Date: 25 December 2021

By supporting our Annual Appeal, you can help a family through this winter. Your support will help people in your community with basics like food, fuel and education.