St Benedict Labre Christmas Appeal

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We want to raise funds to continue to operate an excellent Drop In Centre to meet the demands of the poor in Limerick City and the surrounding area. The SVP Drop-In Centre in Limerick City offers services to the homeless and those highly vulnerable to becoming Homeless. The services include but are not limited to the following: People sleeping rough can come in for a shower, change of clothes and avail of the laundry service. Each day 50 cooked dinners are given out at the centre. The homeless are prioritised for these. Large amounts of teas, coffees, sandwiches along with food parcels are also distributed. The centre works to empower individuals through the provision of advice, support and advocacy. The centre is supported by the Conference to help people with emergency situations such as the need for food vouchers or help with paying utility bills. The numbers presenting for services are upwards of 150 daily. While continuing to operate the service at current level we also have plans to expand the service in next few years with new building and greatly enhanced care and support to users.

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St Benedict Labre Christmas Appeal

Date: 25 December 2021

Our Conference covers the management of 13 social housing units in Limerick city and the governance of a Drop In Centre located in the heart of the city.