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From the July 31st to 3rd August (August Bank Holiday), I will undertake a simulated evacuation walk from Saint Patrick's Street in Cork City to Bantry Pier. This will be a multi-day walk and sleeping "rough" (tent). I have no hiking or camping experience so it will be a tough endeavor for a desk jockey like myself! This challenge is being done with the hope of raising donations for both Irish and Ukrainian people who are currently experiencing homelessness and poverty in our country. You will be able to follow my journey on various social media platforms as the event date nears. Scenario Cork City and surrounding areas have either been occupied and/or suffered crippling airstrikes, rendering Cork airport, port and all major roads unusable. With the occupation force advancing from the north and with other port towns such as Kinsale also suffering major damage, the only route left is south to Bantry pier with the UK having arranged a mass civilian evacuation effort using a number of cruise ships from the deep water port.

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85 km Simulated Evacuation Walk

Date: 31 July 2022

Date: July 31st to 3rd August Saint Patrick's Street Cork to Bantry Port 85km Simulated Evacuation Walk. Scenario Just like many thousands had to flee their homes in an instant and walk to the border in the Ukraine, this will be a walk from Cork City to Bantry Port with Cork, Cork port and Airport along with Main roads destroyed or occupied.