Clarendon St Church, Dublin Annual Appeal

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Every day, people in our community are in touch because they face difficulties they cannot solve on their own. We need funds to help resolve these and quickly. Very many are living on the margin, with just enough to get by. And any extra expense – a hugely increased fuel bill or a bill not raised for months during the pandemic, extra expenses for school, medical and related transport costs for example, can push people over the edge. They do not have savings, and money lenders are ready to take advantage. A little help from us can make all the difference to helping people over the difficulty which has seemed impossible. We place particular emphasis on education, the surest way to lift families and individuals out of poverty permanently, providing extra support children to get through school, and adult homeless to get qualified for employment and a sure future. We have continued to operate during the pandemic, and our calls and material support is very much appreciated, help we could not give without your help in funding us.

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Clarendon St Church, Dublin Annual Appeal

Date: 25 December 2021

We are based at Clarendon St Church and help the local community in the flats/houses/hostels in the area around us. It is a varied community with people of all ages and backgrounds, families and single people. Many of our community are struggling because of the pandemic and rising costs, difficulties in accessing services and education, and loneliness. We seek to help where we can with the resources the public provides.