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fundraising advice and tipsWhether you need support planning, raising money, or promoting your fundraising activity, our fundraising advice and tips will help you get started

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Start Planning!

Plan what you are going to do

Set up a committee

  • Ask people who have a lot of experience or who can offer time and energy to the project.
  • One individual should be in charge of delegation and organisation - The Committee Chairperson.
  • Try to use the skills and resources that you have available in the most effective way possible.

Select an event

  • Brainstorm about ideas :Some of the best fundraising opportunities are born from group discussions!
  • Pick a relevant event to the audience e.g. a charity football match in your local football club. You will increase your chances of holding an event that is both a success in terms of raising money and a great experience for all involved.
  • If you need inspiration take a look at our fundraising ideas

Select a date

  • Attendance will typically be higher on the weekends depending on the event.
  • Look at the community calendar to make sure that there are no other major events planned for the same date.
  • Give yourself enough time to adequately prepare for your fundraiser.

Find a location

  • You will need a venue that can both accommodate all of the guests and that has the facilities to provide all your event requirements (e.g. furniture, refreshments etc)


Organise the day
Maximise your donations
Capture the moment
Tell us!

To-Do List

Before the event
On the day of the event
After the event