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A Gift of €250 could...

pay for Electricity set-up costs for an elderly man in social housing.

For PAYE Tax payers making donations totalling €250 or more in a year we may be eligible for tax relief. Click here to download your Tax Reclaim Form.

A Gift of €100 could...

help a family in need with basic food for a month.

A Gift of €20 could...

help buy a pair of child’s shoes for school.

A Gift of €1500 could...

help give a disadvantaged student the chance of a Third Level Education.

Antrim & Armagh (North Region)
Carlow (South-Midlands)
Cavan (North-East)
Clare (Mid-West)
Cork (Cork Region)
Derry (North Region)
Donegal (North-West)
Down (North Region)
Dublin (Dublin Region)
Fermanagh (North Region)
Galway (West), Kerry Region
Kildare (South-Midlands)
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Laois - East (South-Midlands)
Laois - West (Ormond)
Leitrim (Breffni), Limerick (Mid-West)
Longford (North-Midlands)
Louth (North-East), Mayo (West)
Meath (North-East)
Monaghan (North-East)
Offaly - East (North-Midlands)
Offaly - South (Mid-West)
Offaly - West (South-Midlands)
Roscommon - East (North-Midlands)
Roscommon - West (Breffni)
Sligo (Breffni), Tipperary (Ormond)
Tyrone (North Region)
Waterford (South East)
Westmeath (North-Midlands)
Wexford (South East)
Wicklow (Dublin Region)

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Tax-Effective Giving

If you are a PAYE Tax payer donations of €21 per month or €250 or more in a year we may be eligible for tax relief. Click here to download your Tax Reclaim Form.

If you are a Company making a donation of €250 or more your company can claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense. The company benefits from the tax relief.

If you are Self-Employed and you donate over €250 in one tax year to SVP you benefit directly from the tax relief on donations.

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