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Mid West

Mid West Region

Address Ozanam House, Hartstonge Street, , Limerick
Telephone 061 317327
Fax 061 310320

Identifying Gaps in Service

A full review of the Region has been undertaken to increase efficient in dealing with the number of requests for help and to identify any possible gaps in service provision. The development of family visitation is being supported, with more funds being put into it as necessary

Drop-In Centre

The Drop-In Centre in Limerick is a key to the future development of the homeless services provided by the SVP in the city. This will be assisted by a refurbishment and also by the setting-up of a Conference devoted to overseeing the management of the Centre.  Hostel staff are to be trained in the ethos of the SVP.  

Other issues being dealt with include: -
Social Housing; Prison Visitation and a new premises for the Limerick City Shop.

The existing SVP commitment to education is being increased, particularly through the setting-up of the SVP ‘Preparing for College’ Programme which will run alongside the SVP ‘Revision Classes’ Programme.